Become a Wildlife Hero

The future of wildlife conservation lies in the hands of our children today

Help global wildlife conservation efforts by sponsoring a child to adopt an orphaned or injured endangered animal straight onto a mobile device. Let a child fall in love with a lion, rhino, elephant, or even the feared great white shark.

Sandor Weyers, CEO of iDOPT

The iDOPT wildlife education app provides a closer, more engaging connection between a donor and a wildlife cause through fresh, visual content and story-telling straight to your mobile phone. It tests your wildlife knowledge and rewards you with rare wildlife badges.

Sandor Weyers, CEO of iDOPT


Three simple steps to take to make a huge impact on wildlife conservation efforts


Help wildlife conservation efforts by adopting an endangered animal. Support and closely follow its rehabilitation and release back into the wild.


Improve your wildlife knowledge by answering quizzes. Impress your friends by unlocking rare wildlife badges. Be the first to achieve the Wildlife Conservation Hero level.


Help educate the world by inviting all your friends to join the wildlife hero community. Be rewarded with free animals that need your help.